About Artemisia Fine Arts & Antiques

Contagiously passionate about art, bold in our approach, committed to promoting culture and keen to financially excel without compromising our core values; Artemisia operates flexibly between both primary and secondary art markets by providing a beautifully curated and quintessential range of contemporary and antique artworks for sale.

Fine and decorative artworks are rigorously screened and selected for their intrinsic values such as their exceptional workmanship, art historical significance, possible investment value alongside their aesthetic and idiosyncratic, transcendental qualities. All this is possible thanks to our extensively trained staff, network of expert associates worldwide and illustrious business partners.

Supplementary to Artemisia’s promotion of contemporary artists and retailing business is a vast range of bespoke art advisory services for all discerning clients. Whether a novice collector seeking guidance in a seemingly mercurial field, seasoned collector developing your private museum’s inventory, public or private institution; Artemisia promises to cater to your needs in the most efficient, private and securest of ways.

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Mission Statement

We believe Art and Beauty is the cure to all the mundane moments in life and that everybody deserves the opportunity to enjoy and indulge in the unique experience we are offering.

Highly specialised personnel, rigorous due-diligence, quality networks, ample curiosity and an undying love for all things well-made are at the core of Artemisia’s art collections – whether tailored for the private or public sector.

We offer an expansive multitude of services ranging from Art & Antiques valuations, the buying and selling of artworks, auctioneering, art events, art lecture management and more.

We strive to be a community-engaging entity, whether through our educational programs or monetary support to artists and researchers alike.

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