In this work, French sculptor, Claude Mirval (active in the first half of the 20th Century) manages to capture the very idiosyncratic nature and spirit of the Art Deco Movement by simplifying and modernizing the body of a woman, her exotic clothing and movement in space  down to the most basic design elements without abstracting her.

The dancer’s bobbed hair and short skirt are a throw back to the significant progress made by the Women’s Liberation Movement at the time and bring to mind iconic women like Jos√©phine Baker. Artists found plenty of inspiration in this slim and slender, shortly dressed, female silhouette and often combined this with precise linear fluidity and simple shapes.

Condition: Excellent


[Please note that whilst this statue is signed in the cast there are no further details concerning the foundry used by the artist and the amount of extant copies.]

Style Modern
Period Art Deco, Modern, 20th Century
Medium Bronze
Material Bronze

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A Bronze Art Deco Statue of a Dancer, signed C.Mirval


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