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A Masterpiece in the making & a cut above the rest

‘In general, I’m a huge fan of mixing and matching various styles and design philosophies-whether designing my company logo or establishing my collections! My experiences have led me to believe that old and new could fit beautifully together, if curated in a smart and tasteful manner.’

Christina Busuttil

It was this same premise that came to be the foundation of all decisions concerning the gallery. Another important mainframe shared by both women was to create a beautifully holistic environment; a homely space where one could visit, relax alone in the presence of beautiful objects, analyse the wealth of emotions invoked by such works and hopefully make the said person leave the gallery in a more knowledgable and happier state than that with which they walked in with!

The space enjoys a largely open plan design and consists of some 170sqm set amongst beautifully landscaped gardens in the solitary, yet central location of Bidnija (Malta). The space is a luxury showroom for fine and decorative artworks spanning centuries between the entire collection and doubles up as Christina’s office; the physical counterpart to ARTEMISIA Fine Arts & Antiques’ online boutique.

Upon entrance, one is immediately greeted by beautifully mounted works on paper and beautiful vitrines consisted of precious and delicate objects, primarily ceramics and silverware. Walking deeper into the space one will notice a selection of notable and internationally respected artists hanging to the right hand side of the space and a large private office to the left. In the centre of the room one can examine a selection of marble and bronze sculptures along with a vast array of continental furniture pieces. Additional features are Christina’s prized art-specific library, an art storage system capable of storing some 60 canvases, a beautiful bathroom and kitchenette. Whilst on most days the space is temperature and humidity controlled, the gallery has the facility of opening up its entire facade to combine both the beautiful interior and garden space; especially handy for special events!

This quintessential project has taken up thousands of hours to develop and complete and should be up and  running by December 2017. The feedback of this immensely fruitful relationship has been staggeringly positive both with local and foreign audiences whilst also has unintentionally set the stage for an unprecedented ambition to rock the local art community.

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Interior Designer

Stefania Schembri
Mobile no.: +356 9949 8375
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