Artemisia commands outstanding business acumen and an intimate knowledge of the Art Market’s mechanics; priceless tools for any artist wishing to succeed in today’s financial times. Artemisia offers this valuable advice free of charge to any artist.

Topics vary between basic practicalities to tips on packing and shipping artworks, art fairs, promotional possibilities, rate of production charts in order to achieve a holistically balanced and sustainable career development path and occasionally the chance to become a 50/50 partner with Artemisia’s contemporary art initiative.

In this scenario, the artist (along with his/her portfolio) is intensely scrutinised and found successful once having proved to be a self-disciplined master of their individual craft and upon reflecting Artemisia’s contagious passion for art, uncompromising work ethic and altruism in the community. The Artemisia approved artist and craftsmen’s portfolio can be accessed on the Contemporary Art page where you will find their respective biography and artworks for sale.

Want to sell your works?

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Email us your particulars, your work related queries and a sample of your portfolio and we’ll do the rest!