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Due Diligence Security Measures, Affiliations & Partners

The complex and often unregulated nature of the art market makes it highly susceptible to tendencies such as money laundering, tax evasion, illegal trading of endangered species, looting of cultural heritage and forgeries.

Artemisia subjects all aspects of it’s trading to rigorous due diligence systems, ensuring full compliance with the most updated laws, guidelines and cultural programs set by bodies such as The Superintendence of Cultural Heritage (Malta), WHO, ICOM, Britain’s Waverley criteria, the 1886 Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, amongst others; all of which ensure lawful and ethical business practice.

At the heart of Artemisia’s operations are the core values of transparency, fairness and overall sustainability of the art market. A proactive approach and testament to this is Artemisia’s decision to not participate in any trading of objects containing illegally harvested and/or endangered species, tax evaded objects, looted art and works which contain dubious provenance records or have the slightest possibility of being fake. Artemisia also recognises the importance of sharing information with legal bodies associated to the restitution of war-looted art.

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