Mission Statement

As custodians of heirlooms and purveyors of objects of timeless beauty, excellence, and intrigue, we aim to provide our clients with a unique in-store experience.

As art experts and consultants, we offer our knowledge on collection management, art research, and valuations to anyone wishing for an impartial opinion on the value of all types of artworks and antiques, for the purpose of estate division, insurance claims, and auction submission.

As aesthetes, we work tirelessly to promote our passion for beautiful living, inform choices, and promote craftsmanship, creativity, active learning, and self-discovery.

And as members of the wider cultural community, we collaborate with local and international academic institutions, cultural agencies, and art professionals for the improvement of society and as an investment in future generations.

About Artemisia

At Artemisia, you will find a superbly curated collection of fine art, antiques, curiosities, and home decor spanning the length of human existence and from across the globe. The collection strives to represent Man’s capacity for genius, creativity, and his deep desire to connect and reflect beauty and sublimity, sensations that are often fleeting and drowned out by the mundanity of everyday life.

For this reason, a high street outlet was never an option. At Artemisia, we strive to indulge (or overwhelm) one’s sensibility. We want to make hearts race faster, eyes look longer and deeper, and minds open and fire up. For this reason, we chose to operate from the little village of Bidnija, nestled between the beautiful and lush countryside that borders Burmarrad, Mgarr and Wardija, a place where time seems to stand still.

No expenses have been spared to create a venerable space worthy of its collection. With ample natural light, limitless parking options, expert art lighting, state-of-the-art conference facilities, beautiful and extensive surrounding gardens, and space for entertaining, Artemisia has set a new precedent for the Maltese islands.

The gallery welcomes cultural professionals and students, home lovers, collectors, savvy designers, investment agents, event organizers, and anyone looking for that very, very special gift. Outside of our event schedule, visiting is strictly by appointment and requires I.D. submission.

Please book your visit in advance.

About Christina (Busuttil) Thompson

From a very young age, Christina was already sensitive to fine interiors, history, and art; she credits her mother and grandmother for fostering her passions and her father for financially supporting her studies and ambitions.

Christina’s academic expertise consists of several degrees and professional courses, namely her B.A (Hons) in Archaeology & Theatre Studies, an M.Litt in History of Art & Art-World Practice: Fine and Decorative Art from the Renaissance to Modern with Merit (Christie’s London), and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Art Law & Business (Christie’s London). She also has participated in multiple professional development courses accredited by The Victoria & Albert Museum (London).

She worked in the family business at a young age, starting out as a clerk and eventually becoming a manager in the Wines & Spirits department. Whilst working here she was offered the position of International Brand Ambassador by her largest supplier- an experience she treasures as one of the best till today.

Christina’s vision for Artemisia was to create a space whose underlying principle reflected Wagner’s concept of the ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’– a total work that ultimately reflects harmony across all of its aspects, whether visible or unseen. She set up the business in 2015 and has been collecting and trading precious works of art ever since. Her underlying curatorial approach for the Artemisia Collection was to bring together artworks from across the globe (spanning all periods and styles) that demonstrate exquisite workmanship, unique perspectives, are in great condition, and display the values/ zeitgeist of their time whilst being great conversation pieces, offering good provenance, and are unique on the Island making them investment-worthy pieces.

Christina’s prime interests include (but are not limited to) paleontology, natural history, art therapy, neuroaesthetics, the study of the sublime, and the Grand Tour.